ERACTS is being formed in 2003 as a full-scope service provider with a wide range of Strategic Inventory and Asset Management/RFID Systems based Services.

Our goals are to sale and implement the asset management solutions based on top edge ERP software and new generation of RFID Tag Access Control Systems for retail, warehouse, manufacturing and facility operations environment.

ERACTS offers corporate office/manufacturing companies a quick-response, reliable source of technical help for their initial asset inventories, fixed asset management setup, rearrangement/ relocation/ outsourcing control and support.

The mission of ERACTS is to provide fast reliable technical assistance/training and long term support to companies in their facilities assets management and operations control using leading edge enterprise fixed asset management software and RFID technology.

The keys to success for ERACTS are marketing and networking, responsiveness and quality, and generating repeat customers expanding level and scope of services and areas of expertise.
ERACTS will support the corporate clients such as:

  • insurance companies
  • banks
  • major retail stores
  • large/medium size manufacturers
  • federal, provincial and municipal government